Our Trainers


Kru Jack

Name: Prawit Khamsrisuk
Fighter Name: Jack
Age:  37 years old
Fight Total: 150+ fights
Title: Champion Muay Siam Southern



Kru Marn

Name: Samarn Jarernjit
Fighter Name: Changsuk Dragonmuaythai
Age: 33 years old
Fight Total: 180+ fights
Title: Champion  South thailand / Champ Bangla Stadium / Southern of thailand Boxing Club



Kru Bas

Name: Prayong Kengnok
Fighter Name: Petchsiam
Age: 30 years old
Fight Total: 120+ fights
Title: Champion of the Southern Thailand / Thailand Championship / China Championship



Kru Tum

Name: Ekkaphot Tanthai
Fighter Name: Leklai Dragonmuaythai
Age:  20 years old
Fight Total: 150+ fights
Title: Championship Phuket / Champion Suwit Stadium / Champion Patong Stanium



Kru Beer

Name: Nawa Pimmakhan
Fighter Name: Beertong
Age:  34 years old
Fight Total: 225+ fights
Title: Northeast of thailand boxing club / Champion National Sport 2013



Kru Yai

Name: Nopadol Kongkuan
Fighter Name: Saenganan Lookbaanyai
Age: 27 years old from Trang Province
Fight Total: 300+ fights
Title: Channel 7 champion 105 lbs


Yai is a Trainer and fighter of Phuket Dragon Muay Thai.
Yai has been working at Phuket Dragon Muay Thai  for
3 years. Now, His English is good and he is a very technical
teacher. During his fighting days he was known for bieng a very smart tactical
and has deadly knees. he also likes to attack a lot during pad holding sessions to
keep you on your toes!


Kru Pettrang

Name: Nirun Boonya
Fighter Name: Petmuangtrang sor wanpen
Age: 33 years from Trang Province
Fight total: 150 fight win 125 lose 25


Pettrang has been working at Phuket Dragon Muay Thai for about 2 and half year. Pettrang will help you to improve your skills to be a good fighter!


Kru Cochasan

Age 27-year-old Phang Nga province.
Fight total: fights 300+ wins 200+ lose 58 equal 2
Since he started boxing nine years and began teaching
boxing for six years.
Experience teaches boxing Been to teach in Australia
Boxing Experience Southern Thai boxing champion Punch techniques – Elbow




Kru Chai

Name: Michai Leelajan
Fighter name: Chingchai  Kiatchansing
Age: 43 Years old from Surin Province
Fight Total: 200+
Kru Chai has been teaching Muay Thai in Japan for 1 year.
Kru Chai is very hard working and good take care to his student.



Kru Yen

Name: Yen Punhorm
Fighter Name: Fahnoi Kietsmarnchai
Age: 43 years, from Surin Province
Fight total:
fights 300 wins 280 loses 20
Title:  Channel 7 champion
Northeast Champion


Yen has been working at Phuket Dragon Muaythai for about 2 years. Yen is enjoying and happy trainer.


Kru Charn

Name: Vicharn Krumkratok
Age: 49 years old
Fight total: 110+ fights
Title: 2010 train to be KRU MUAYTHAI ASSOCIATION 12/2011 to be KRU 13 CAPABILITES
2016 train to be Kru Muaythai Association on this Date 6 September Master Mongkon Siler Mongkol Khan 14 / understand and speak English


Kru Benz

Name: Thawatchai Taprom
Fighter Name: Khaosod
Age: 25 years old
Fight total: 175 + fights
Title: Champion 42 Kg / Champion of the Southern Thailand / Champion siam southern thailand club



Kru Bew

Name: Paphankorn Khaomao
Fighter Name: Thongekk Dragonmuaythai
Age: 29 years old
Fight total: 35+ fights
Title: working at Phuket Dragon Muay Thai for about 2 and half year. Bew will help you to improve your skills to be a good fighter!