Dragon Muay Thai

Phuket Dragon Muay Thai Located at Chalong Phuket, Thailand on a quiet road, peaceful , surrounded by coconut palms, banana trees and very friendly local people.The camp is 100 % local ownership and operated

Dragon Muay Thai, Offering training programs to suit everyone from Beginners and Professionals looking to learn real Muay Thai with qualified trainer.You can not be a good Muay Thai fighter without knowing its culture, and the culture of Muay Thai is only taught by Thai qualified trainer

Dragon Muay Thai is Muay Thai Training camp with the best price and money value for group session compare to other camp, Student to trainer ratio that is usually NO larger than 3 to 1, mostly 2 to 1 and 1 to 1 and that really what you want to learn Muay Thai. Furthermore, the trainer is former Muay Thai Champion, and WBA Boxing Champion, YES! You training with the CHAMPION!


“ Elsewhere You Get What You Paid For, Dragon Muay Thai You Get More For What You Paid ”

Dragon Muay Thai Technique Training classes run 2 times a day, morning and afternoon session. These classes are purely technique training. Our Muay Thai Training is Learning by Doing, to make sure student fully understand Muay Thai technique

Learning By Doing
Group Class Training

Muay Thai Training : Programs for Beginners to Professionals
Dragon Muay Thai Training programs are designed to teach real traditional and fundamental Muay Thai techniques, using the part of body, Fists, Elbow, Knee, Foot and Muay Thai clinch, offense, defense. Ring fitness and conditioning. Muay Thai matches are 5 rounds of intense, 100% attack-oriented fighting

Camp Atmosphere


Open air camp surounding with trees on quiet street



Inside the camp

Dragon Muay Thai training camp , open air surrounding with trees, fresh air on the quiet road peaceful friendly environment. We are now building second camp next to the first one. The new has two rings with standard equipment for Muay Thai training in Thailand

Around The Camp

Dragon Muay Thai camp is the perfect location for Training Muay Thai ,beautiful environment relaxing and easy to walk to shops, restaurants, cafes & open markets. The Camp is half way between all beaches and city of Phuket, Thailand. Our camp location is the place for training and have the great time in Phuket Thailand

Nearby Attractions

Chalong Temple : The most famous of Phuket’s temples
Phuket Town : A world of treasure waiting to be discovered in Charming Phuket Towm
Chalong Bay : Famous seafood restaurants with original and delicious Thai Food
Phromthep Cape : Spetacular sunsets with a 360 degree seaview
Naiharn Beach : Certainly the nicest beach in Phuket

This Campe is bulit or reputation…train hard,fight harder!